Tuesday, January 31, 2006


People can be amazingly nice for the reason that they are just naturally that way. I got to know 30 new person lately, and they were approaching me one by one to get to know who Iam. I think I will enjoy my time with them as the days go by.

Days proved that they are entirely amazing, generous and kind … but this nice experience ‘s over since Sat. Feb, 4th I’m happy that I had the opportunity to know them & spend some days with them!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Predominantly … Exclusively!

No; as I thought that I will start to relax, I asked myself is this the suitable time to have a break and relax, maybe I just need to deal constructively with the disorder that surrounds me, an insightful approach in to the way i might want to live my life.

I still have a list to do yet:
- 3 books I’m dying to read, I was reading some pages during my examination period (this is already one of my tools for relaxation but sometimes it seems as a duty specially that two of them are not hard copy, they are e-books)
- preparing for some courses
- 8 reports to be delivered by 1st of February
- others to read & prepare for my supervisor …
these things no matter how much I feel they are trivia specially the reports section but they r having a higher priority now.
Organizing all this in my head, this may keep me busy till the middle of the next month where I will start my second semester, that’s good, coz I’m that type of persons who cant stay in this life this way & do nothing.
Then I received a phone call from a company asking me to come for a job interview today, I remember that company, I already made an interview with them the last year exactly Nov. 2004, and they had sent me an e-mail asking me to work for them per task, and in case I’ve agreed I have to contact them, at that time I just ignored the mail, I didn’t feel that I do like the company!!!
So, nothing has changed except that I feel I’m now less qualified for this position than when I was last year, the interview was at 12 pm I asked her to postpone it to the following day but she said that this is impossible, it could be any time late but not the following day, ok so I made it at 1:30 pm.

Maybe this is a good chance for me I didn’t expect it and it came in the very exact suitable timing, but I still have that feeling of not being that much happy with it, Do we accept things because at that time we don’t have any other choices? I only have this choice and I have to fight to get it no matter how much I hate it. Two days ago I was thinking about that same subject: what if every time I have no other choice, and it’s always only that one single choice to take it or end up a loser, when is it the time for us to make our own choices by ourselves, and when should we let life lead our way & choose the path for us?
I admit too that life choices have always been the best choices for me

I have to review some things at least to find something to say in that interview and read my CV again, but I don’t feel I want to do it, what am I going to do in this interview then?, I cant figure this out!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Exam Preview

I’ve finished my exams, although some things didn’t go the same way I wanted it to be.
Two things I have to remember:

1- T.P.O >>

I think I was asleep when I didn’t notice it except on the last 15 mins, not only me; most of my colleagues didn’t notice it fast so it was something common weird, but don’t worry wasn’t too much of questions it was a complement of the last question which I made up to 98% of it!!.

2- Never trust what your doctor says, maybe he is suffering from some kind of AMNESIA!!!!

it happened to call one of my doctors who teaches me a subject this semester to ask him about some points in this subject and it was upon his request to call him at home since his busy schedule doesn’t allow for me to ask him at his office and some of my Questions had this answer!
“ don’t give this point that much of importance I didn’t involve it in the exam as I didn’t give u a hint about it ”
guess what?!!, it was all in the exam, which I shall call it a nightmare, very long, not a straightforward, and included a lot of things he didn’t say a word about it!.
well this is something we used for it in our exams.
And the conclusion, I’m glad!

Monday, January 16, 2006


A strange spirit is revolving the Blogosphere these days, there is something different about it, it’s sleepy, stagnant, I cant find that vitality or heat anymore, not as I used for it before. suddenly most of my next door bloggers stopped blogging for a certain reason, that same scenario people get busy with their own life … no time to visit, call or share … and now it's happening electronically!!
others r suffering that feeling of not willing to write, and the coincidence it all occurred simultaneously!
is it a season related ... thoughts scatters before they reach to us?! we ran out of topics, nothing to discharge in here anymore ... for me i feel at this moment that i'm in a struggle to concentrate and i'm still going with this post

Checking my List
Loulou: Celebrated her wedding on the New year Eve, I hope she is enjoying her new life now
Wonderer: now in Egypt posted once or twice, but no news about her now
Kayla: spent the New year in Istanbul, stopped during this period and even after her back, work & study … got stuck in this, but she is returning back now!

Charismatic: she is probably busy with the arrangements to her Engagement
Nightlegend: and with the full time job a 12 hr per day, that now I think he barely can find a time for a new post.
Al-Sharief: he appears to disappear again!

I’m busy with my exams!
who else?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Coffee at 3 am !

Well, it’s 5 am and I cant go to my bed to rest a little and have some sleep, actually my sleep’s pattern in a mess, I stay up till dawn & sleep till a late hour in the morning, but this cant work for now as my exams next week will be at an early hour!
But no way to go for bed even after an extra 4-5 hours; I made a Cup of Black coffee at 3 am and drank it all!
I’m not a coffee addicted or even used to drink it very often, I don’t know what made me think that I will be happy when I drink it, I’m not sad at all but I felt that I will enjoy sipping that cup!
Today wasn’t such a successful day for me, I 've studied for 3 hours maybe less, I’m that type who study and read fast, if I deicide to finish a whole chapter in one hour I do it and that helps me in critical days, I don’t like to stick up with silly equations & stuff but it goes smooth with me till now, actually if I spent 6 discrete or continuous hours per day studying then this is a great achievement.
How boring it’s now, yea it’s the dawn of Eid but I cant feel it coz I’m concentrating on other stuff taking all my mind, where I cant find an empty track for anything else to do except thinking about that subject in my hand now!
Well I don't get stressed before exams, or give it any care, but I just find my mind oriented to think about the Equations, and materials I’m reading concentrating on that even in front of the TV!, that's normale i guess!

I was browsing aimless & listening to that sound track from the Movie “ Phantom of the opera ” I like it, I even tried to upload it to play it on my blog but it failed!
So, I thought about writing as long as I’m not disposed to study for now.
Well, then I will stay up till the morning and just sleep normally at night, I think that cup of coffee will help me to do that, and hopefully that will adjust my sleep’s pattern again …