Sunday, April 30, 2006

Speaking Politics … May I ? Al Baha’ia In Egypt!!

I don’t know from where to start … this issue is new still, but I’m sure the sequences won’t be good on all levels & sides.
Yesterday I have been watching Program
Al-Hakika on Dream II Channel , it was discussing that new judgment sentence which is considering the Baha’ia a religion to be written in the ID & Birthday certificate same as Jewish, Christian & Muslim…

For me I didn’t know much about this new thing except its name, but yesterday I started to realize that it’s something much more beyond just the name, it’s not just a religion as they claim, it’s a new Zionist plan which has just started to carve itself … and I don’t know for where we have to go if it will be true!.

عقيدتهم, معتقداتم ... عن تاريج هذا الفكر
الذي بدأ كمخطط بين الروس و اليهود ... فلسفتهم في الحياة هي الصهيونية ضد الأسلام ... وأسقاط فريضة الجهاد التي هي العدو الألد لأي محتل.
ويدعون أنهم يؤمنون بجميع الديانات السابقة لكن الرسول محمد صلى الله عليه واله و سلم ليس هو خاتم الأنبياء وأن الوحي الألهي مستمر !!!
قبلتهم هي قصر البهجة في عكا واليه يحجون. للمزيد
هنا و هنا والجزء الثاني من البرنامج يذاع يوم السبت الثامنة مساءا و يعاد الأحد الرابعة.

وكان مجمع البحوث الإسلامية بالأزهر، قد أصدر في شهر ديسمبر من عام 2003. فتوى تعلن أن " الإسلام لا يقر أي ديانة أخرى غير ما أمرنا القرآن باحترامه، فلا ينبغي، بل يمتنع أن تكون في مصر ديانة غير الإسلام والمسيحية واليهودية لأن كل ديانة أخرى غير مشروعة ومخالفة للنظام العام". وطلبت الفتوى من السلطات التشريعية والقضائية والتنفيذية اعمال شئونها في هذا الأمر، ووصفت الفتوى المذهب البهائي بأنه وامثاله " من نوعيات الأوبئة الفكرية الفتاكة التي يجب أن تجند الدولة كل إمكاناتها لمكافحته والقضاء عليه".

والان يصدر حكم قضائي بالأعتراف بها, أنا لسة ما أعرفش تفاصيل هذا الحكم. لكنها البداية على ما أظن.
ما معنى هذا الحكم أن يمارسوا طقوسهم في العلن وتحت مسمع و مرأى الجميع في أطار أنه شرعي و أين؟ في بلد اسلامي وهل تستطيع منعهم من أداء ما يسموه بفريضة الحج.
وبما أنهم بيحرموا الجهاد فأكيد مالهمش تجنيد. وممكن ده يفتح مجال للتلاعب. وايه لو ينزل له منهج في المدارس, أكيد مش حيدرس الأسلام أو المسيحية. أو يعفى من حصص التربية الدينية... أسئلة ... أسئلة...
وأخيرا سنه 1960. بقرار جمهوري أغلق جمال عبد الناصر جميع المحافل البهائية لأنها تعتبر قنوات للصهيونيه و قضى بعقوبة من ستة أشهر الى الثلاث سنوات لمن يمارس هذه العقيده و الأن نسمح لها أن تأخذ اطار شرعي ... فاضل ايه تاني ممكن يتقال!
بدأت السنه بالرسوم المسيئة للرسول, كارثة العبارة, وقفة القضاه و ماحدث في أعقابة, تفجيرات ذهب, والان الأعتراف بالبهائييت في
مصر ..... لسه فاضل 7 شهور لأنتهاء هذه السنه الكبيسه, المفروض نتوقع أحداث أكثر من ذلك في طريفها للحدوث ؟

Friday, April 14, 2006

Qs & As …

Tagged By Wonderer
- Grab the book nearest to you, turn on page 18 and find line 4.
but that she loved herself and all her promise and the life to come …

- Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.
I felt dizzy, giddy! … trying to catch something!

- What is the last thing you watched on TV?
I haven’t watched TV since 3 days …

- Without looking, guess what time it is?
2:40 am

- Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?
2:29 am

- With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
my breathes, maybe the plants around me exhaling carbon dioxide lol… it’s almost quiet here

- When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
today, I went on an aimless short walk hiking for 15 mins & bought something to drink, the weather was encouraging for that.

- Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
Wonderer Blog! & a drawing I just made

- What are you wearing?

- Did you dream last night?
I don’t think so

- When did you last laugh?
With my friend on the phone couple of hours ago

- What is on the walls of the room you are in?
Two small transparent glasses with plants inside hanged & a small Chinese frame in the middle. some other different frames … a mirror with some rose drawings on ,,

- Seen anything weird lately?
Yes, this Quiz

- What do you think of this quiz?
I just said …

- What is the last film you saw?
Wicker Park & Wuthering Heights

- If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy?
Just give me those millions first …

- Tell me something about you that I dunno.
Well, after I saw the Tag and started to do it, I felt hungry so I went to the kitchen & ate Cornflakes with milk, and here I’m back doing this quiz!!

- If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
hmmmm … well for me, the world is an irreversible & uncontrollable process! I believe I cannt rewind it to a prev. state. Or expect its coming state, so I have just to change the way I see the world it’s the only way to get the world changed, at least to my own very closed acquaintance

- Do you like to dance?
yes a lot

- George Bush.
Didn’t I say that this Quiz is weird !!, now with this name mentioned in this Quiz I should consider my answers to be accused as “Terrorist Attack” …

- Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
Lojayn … it means “Liquid Silver”

- Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?

Ahmed, Adham … Or a name starts with “L” to match the girl, anyone can suggest ?

- Would you ever consider living abroad?


- What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?
Pearly gates? … when I’m blessed to talk with Allah, I would like to hear it “we gave you good in this world, and in the hereafter you are of the righteous.”

- 4 people who must also do this meme in their journal.

Alina, Nightlegend, Essam"You was not around from a while, it will be nice to see u doing this quiz”, Eve, Louuu.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Pride and Prejudice Vs. North and South

North and South
Pride and Prejudice is that Classic novel written by Jane Austen on 1813 and nearly the most popular novel of hers, actually i didn’t read it, but I have watched the TV drama & liked it, afterwards I looked for the novel, there is no big difference between the original book & the serial I guess.
Then I had the opportunity to watch the 2004 TV drama
North and South it’s the TV adaptation of the novel written by Elizabeth Gaskell…Both of the novels were written in the Victorian era … and both of them nearly have the same idea and sequence of events, but with different circumstances. Both are expressing that high state of passion or maybe they looked the same due to the dramatization.
Nearly the same portrayal to the transformation which happens to the characters
Mr:Darcy (Colin Firth) in Pride and Prejudice & JohnThornton (Richard Armitage) in North and South. After The proposal scene and how both of them have been rejected by Elizabith Bennet(Jennifer Ehle) in Pride and Prejudice and Margaret Hale (Daniela Denby-Ashe) in North and South, whilst devastated by this refusal they still regard & care for their beloved silently, I think that is the common thing I liked the most about those two serial drama ... that aura of the gripping spectacle, burning passion, This pride & hard character that resolves in hurt vulnerably under the surface of that stony face and yet still giving these smouldering looks.
The gentleman behavior moral, upstanding, sensitive, respectful, delicate, intense, confident ….. this raw love & powerfully evoked emotions. the struggle & contrast between the two emotions of love, hate then love again at the end.I’m not sure of the transformation from harsh character to more tender side person is because of the shocking opinion they got from their beloved or it was a prejudgment from the heroine character, then later the truth just floated on the surface bringing the real personality of Mr: Darcy & John Thornton.I guess no men are like that nowadays lol.

But talking about the differences …
I believe that Mr: Thornton in North and south was full of motion & passion than Mr:Darcy who reflected in every move the title “Pride & Prejudice” proud and disagreeable, doesn’t perform that least sense of communication with others … Mr: Thornton was more real, he wasn’t in control all the time, his emotions and temper were tangible & unpredictable. According to the feminine part … I see that Margaret Judgments outsourced from her attachment to where she came from, “The South” she rushed her opinions & was really blunt, she was showing a complete ignorant to the place she currently uprooted to. But for Elizabeth at the moment she was reasonable to have these believe against Mr: Darcy.
I cant say I like
Pride and Prejudice more than North & South or the contrarily, but I found that the drama of North and South was deeper and more vital beside it Included some descriptions to the period of the industrial revolution & it reflected some of the social issues & conflicts at that time although I think that there were some inappropriate scenes due to time constraints, like the last scene in the railway station while they were kissing in public … I’m not sure it was that easy to be done in public at that time.

Skipping all the Shortcoming here & there I enjoyed every piece of both classical drama.

Anyone who is interrested to read about these two novels this site “19thnovels”, has a great collecton of free online text for 19th Century English Novels Among them …

Pride and Prejudice
North and South

Quotes from North & South:
Mr Hale: Margaret ! Come in, Meet my Friend and first proper pupil, Mr Thorton. This is my daughter, Margaret.
Mr Thorton: I believe we had already met. I’m afraid Miss Hale and I met under unpleasant circumstances. I dismissed a worker for smoking in the sorting room.
Margaret: you beat a defenseless man who was not your equal.
Mr Thorton: I have a temper. Fire is the greatest danger in my mil. I have to be strict.
Margaret: a gentleman would not use his fits on such a pathetic creature or shout at children.
Mr Thorton: I dare say a gentleman has not had to see 300 corpses laid out on a hillside as I did last may. Many were children. And that was an accidental flame. The whole mill destroyed in 20 mins.

Mr Thorton: I won’t deny it. I’d rather be toiling here, success or failure than leading a dull, prosperous life in the south, with their slow, careless days of ease.
Margaret: you are mistaken. You don’t know anything about the south. It maybe a little less energetic in its pursuit of competitive trade, but there is less suffering than I have seen in your mills. And all for what?
Mr Thorton: we make cotton.
Margaret: which no one wants to wear.
Mr Thorton: I think that I might say that you don’t know the north. We masters are not all the same, whatever your prejudice against Milton men.
Margaret: I’ve seen how you treat your men. You treat them as you wish because they are beneath you.
Mr Thorton: No, I don not.
Margaret: you’ve been blessed with good luck and fortune, but others have not.
Mr Thorton: I do know something of hardship. 16 years ago, my father died .. in very miserable circumstances. I became the head of the family very quickly. I was taken out of school. I think that I might say that my only good luck was to have a mother of such strong will and integrity. I went to work in a draper’s shop and my mother managed so that I could put three shillings aside a week. That taught me self-denial. Now I’m able to keep my mother is such comfort as her age requires, and I thank her every day for that early training. So Miss Hale, I don’t think that I was especially blessed with good fortune or luck.

Mr Thorton: she did save me. But, Mother, I daren’t believe such a woman could care for me.
Hannah Thornton: don’t be so foolish. What more proof do you need, that she should act in such a shameless way?. I’m sure she will take you from me. That is why I didn’t want you to go to see her today. I wanted one last evening of being the first in your affections. I will have to change the initials on our linen. They will bear her name now, hers and yours.
Mr Thorton: I know she doesn’t care for me. But I can’t remain silent. I must ask her.
Hannah Thornton: don’t be afraid, john. She has admitted it to the world. I may yet even learn to like her for it. It must have taken a great deal to overcome her pride.

Mr Thorton: I hadn’t noticed the color of this fruit. Miss Hale I’m afraid I was very ungrateful yesterday.
Margaret: you have nothing to be grateful for.
Mr Thorton: I think that I do.
Margaret: I did only the least that anyone would have.
Mr Thorton: that can’t be true.
Margaret: I was, after all, responsible for placing you in danger. I would have done the same for any man there.
Mr Thorton: any man? So you approve of that violence? You think I got what I deserved?
Margaret: No, of course not! But they were desperate. I know if you were to talk to them ..
Mr Thorton: I forgot you imagine them to be your friends.
Margaret: but if you were to be reasonable ..
Mr Thorton: me? Are you saying that I’m unreasonable?
Margaret: if you would talk with them and not set the soldiers on them, I know they would ..
Mr Thorton: they will get what they deserve. Miss Hale, I didn’t just come here to thank you. I came because .. I think it very likely … I know I’ve never found myself in this position before. It’s difficult to find the words. Miss Hale my feelings for you are very strong.
Margaret: Please, stop. Please don’t go any further.
Mr Thorton: Excuse me?
Margaret: please don’t continue in that way. It’s not the way of a gentleman.
Mr Thorton: I’m well aware that in your eyes at least I’m not a gentleman. But I think I deserve to know why I am offensive.
Margaret: you speak to me as if it were your duty to rescue my reputation!
Mr Thorton: I spoke to you about my feelings because I love you. I have no thought for your reputation.
Margaret: you think that because you are rich and my father is in reduced circumstances that you can have me for your possession? I should expect no less from someone in trade!
Mr Thorton: I don’t want to possess you I wish to marry you because I love you!
Margaret: you shouldn’t because I don’t like you and never have
Mr Thorton: one minute we talk of the color of fruit .. the next of love. How does that happen?
Margaret: I’m sorry
Mr Thorton: for what? That you find my feelings to you offensive? Or that you assume I’m only capable of thinking in terms of buying and selling? Or I take pleasure in sending my employees to an early grave?
Margaret: No! No. of course not. I’m sorry to be so blunt. I have not learnt how to refuse. How to respond when a man speaks to me as you just have.
Mr Thorton: there are others? This happens to you everyday? You must have to disappoint so many men that offer you their heart.
Margaret: please understand, Mr Thornton
Mr Thornton: I do understand. I understand you completely

Margaret: Father is waiting you in the setting room. Mr Thornton I have to thank you
Mr Thornton: No, no thanx. I didn’t do anything for you. Do you not realize the risk that you take in being so indiscreet? Have you no explanation for your behavior that night at the station?. You must imagine what I must think.
Margaret: Mr: Thornton, Please, I’m aware of what you must think of me. I know how it must have appeared, being with a stranger so late at night. The man you saw me with, he .. the secret is another person’s and I cant explain it without doing him harm.
Mr Thornton: I have no wish to spry into the gentleman’s secrets. I’m only concerned as your father’s friend. I hope you realize that any foolish passion for you on my part is entirely over. I’m looking to the future.

Quotes from Pride and Prejudice:
Mr Darcy: forgive me. I hope you are feeling better.
Elizabeth Bennet: I am thank you. Will you not sit down?
Mr Darcy: in vain I have struggled. It will not do! My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you. In declaring myself thus I’m aware that I will be going expressly against the wishes of my family, my friends, and, I hardly need add, my own better judgment. The relative situation of our families makes any alliance between us a reprehensible connection. As a rational man I can’t but regard it as such myself, but it cant be helped. Almost from the earliest moments of your acquaintance, I have come to feel for you a passionate admiration and regard, which despite my struggles, has overcome every rational objection. And I beg you, most fervently, to relieve my suffering and consent to be my wife.
Elizabeth Bennet: in such cases as these, I believe the established mode is to express as sense of obligation. But I can’t. I have never desired your good opinion, and you have certainly bestowed it most unwillingly. I’m sorry to cause pain to anyone, but it was unconsciously done, and I hope will be of short duration.
Mr Darcy: and is that all the reply I am to expect? I might wonder why, with so little effort of civility I am rejected.
Elizabeth Bennet:I might wonder why, with so evident a desire to offend and insult me, you chose to tell me that you like me against your will, your reason, and even against your character! Was this not some excuse for incivility if I was uncivil? I have every reason in the world to think ill of you. Do you think any consideration could tempt me to accept the man who has ruined the happiness of a most beloved sister? Can you deny that you have done it?
Mr Darcy: I have no wish to deny it. I did everything in my power to separate my friend from your sister and I rejoice in my success. Towards him I have been kinder than towards myself
Elizabeth Bennet: it’s not merely that on which my dislike of you is founded. Long before, my dislike was decided when I heard Mr Wickham’s story of your dealings with him. How can yo defend yourself on that subject?
Mr Darcy: you are taking eager interest in that gentleman’s concerns!
Elizabeth Bennet: who that knows of his misfortunes can help feeling an interest in him?
Mr Darcy: his misfortunes! Yes, his misfortunes have been great indeed!
Elizabeth Bennet: and of your infliction! You have reduced him to his present state of poverty, and yet you can treat is misfortunes with contempt and redicule!
Mr Darcy: and this is your opinion of me? My faults by this calculation are heavy indeed. Perhaps these offences might have been overlooked, had not your pride been hurt by the confession of the scruples which long prevented my forming any serious design on you. Had canceled my struggles and flattered you. But disguise of every sort is my abhorrence. Nor am I ashamed of the feelings I related they were natural and just did you expect me to rejoice in the inferiority of your connections? To congratulate myself on the hope of relations whose condition in life is so below my own?
Elizabeth Bennet: you are mistaken Mr: Darcy the mode of your decoration merely spared me any concern for refusing you, had you been more gentleman-like manner. You couldn’t make me the offer of your hand in any possible way that would tempt me to accept it. From the very beginning your manners convinced me of your arrogance, your conceit, and your selfish disdain for the feelings of others. Within a month, I felt you were the last man whom I could ever marry!
Mr Darcy: you’ve said quite enough, madam. I perfectly comprehend your feelings and now have only to be ashamed of what my own have been. Please forgive me for having taken up your time and accept my best wishes for your health and happiness.