Friday, June 23, 2006

Vision in Black and White

Sometimes when I keep on looking, farther and farther still … I wonder; how big would big get? How big will big be … imagining the vastness of empty space …
Intrigued by things that seems so near … yet always out of reach. stuck in my tiny corner of universe, while being aware of all the spaciousness beyond, that can be explored!

Mixed and contradicted feelings …
Why we usually say we will get used for that … why we want to get used for something, adapt to a new condition, situation no matter if that new thing is something pleasant or not, following that similar ordinary old steps to solve that new unordinary thing, want our life back to the way it was before we found out that new change. But nothing ever stays the same. our ability to make patterns is at the heart of our civilization and when certain patterns in our life become ingrained we consequently become resistant to change,
It’s the fear of change that makes us build a barrier between ourselves and that new thing. It’s our choice about hiding, or about going right to what fears us.

Sometimes I feel that I want to sense that change everyday the same way I felt it the first time, I don’t want to get used for it or adapt it … every time i feel it, I want it to surprise me, hit me so deep … that I still can feel the richness of feelings and emotions, but it’s me who usually unconsciously adapt so fast to new situations, specially the unpleasant ones, and the first feeling always fades away.

It comes from our constantly and endlessly seeking to establish new networks to process and store knowledge. to make sense of what we experience, continually searching for new data for new experience and give it the time to make sense of them

it’s true that we learn by making connections to enable meaning and learning to flow.
And our brain is so good at making connections that it will often try to full in the gaps even when it’s missing information, establishing the similar connections with each other over time.

Life is about asking questions, not waiting answers, even if we could not find the answer to our questions, that shouldn’t stop us from keeping to ask questions …