Monday, November 12, 2007

Kiwi's Success

Kiwi is a master thesis animation by Dony Permedio of school of arts and is considered the most popular animation on the internet. It's viewed on Youtube 12,890,583 times, favorited 110,022 times and the winner of the first annual video awards under "Most Adorable" category. it's simple in everything, Idea, animation, no marvelous texture. but if there wasn't something special about it, it wouldn’t become that popular, there should be a key for its success. See it on Press and an interview with Dony

I actually came across it through an adv in my Messenger banner, and as I'm interested in animation & cartoon, I looked out for it.

It's a bit sad, cute & innocent! … about a flightless bird ( to know about the real Kiwi bird here ) who dreamt to soar so he built an illusionary spacious for himself on the cliff, as he used to image it in his mind every time he chased his dream … everyone could receive the message from the movie differently.. But for a cute, simple cartoon I don’t think it should be analyzed and complicated further; rather it should be taken as it's, to remain simple, which is the key point that attracted me & I think attracted most of the viewers. I also think there will be a second part of the movie.

One question remains in my mind since I saw the adv on my MSN banner; a 3 min bird's dream leads to an unexpected dream, is the way to fame and success that easy?

What I think of; Don’t bog down, you just desperately need a new approach to use your ideas as a stepping stone

Thursday, November 01, 2007


What I wish for is a safe life! That simple …

My feelings can run away with me, and at times even run my life. Sometimes it can be so close to the surface that my rational mind doesn’t stand a chance … then … I become my emotions and feel out of control. Sorrow or pain that turned to anger … someone told me you will feel sad then your feelings will turn to anger, at then I said anger of what? There is no point in that; gradually I realized that it's true!

Troubles, problems, obstacles explode like a volcano; and your feelings are always your own, none will ever feel it or know it the way you do, no matter how close that person is to you, It's your own chemistry and rules that act as a catalysis for the unique chemical reactions inside you. They are Unique in a way that your sorrow is never like anyone else's sorrow, and your anger is not similar to others anger, like the fingerprint. I'm tired of hearing these words over and over again "I understand how you feel", "I know how it looks like".. I know, I feel, but when you dig deeper, u find out that they r on the other side of the river bank, that you will never meet them. And you will get yourself into more trouble trying to explain your point of view and your feelings to them. So you will keep silent. How helpful!.

Does it really matter that others know, and why?

Why do we always try to desperately let others know how we feel, to keep explaining & explaining our own feelings for the reset of our lives? Does it make any difference; to hear some calming words, or see some brave reactions … but that wont change the fact that you are feeling the way you feel … deep inside you know they are only calming words, or the call of duty that forces them to act the way they did. Duty of love, care, fear … whatever shape of duty, something forces them to do what they do. It doesn’t matter.

- I'm not sure is it a new phase of anti-socialism; I'm tired of talking, hanging around, I'm tired of every kind of the social life, I stopped returning back the others calls, or even calling anyone even my intimate friends, family I just feel it 's a burden, I stopped going out. I have no desire in any of these stuffs, and I'm glade of that, regardless of the fact that this lifestyle wills lead me to a mild depression after a while.

- It could be a desperate attempt to find a point at the start line… to start or to finish an undesired page or a desired one … all sides and faces are similar.

- Someone passes away and a new born is carrying his same name, in commemoration of the dead, but I know that this new soul will never be a replica of the past one.

we are pathetic because we are always on the run of our end ... while it's the only affirmative truth we have!


I want to thank everyone who dropped me a line or sent me an email during the last period, on his/her feelings. Thank you for your words & your support.