Thursday, May 26, 2005

Chased Dreams


Intruders come … Intruders go
Only few of them .. leave a deep effect on you
Some are good … the others are bad
I only want ,,, to remember the fact
I crossed that road … having hands tied behind my back
Looking for my dream
For the sky .. where I can fly
For the sea .. to dive .. to get the biggest pearl .. to wear
Stowing it in my hand … but it's gone like sand
For the rainbow …. To carve it color by color in my heart
Suddenly ……
I woke up from my dream ….
The sky … the sea … the rainbow …. Nothing is here
Looked around to see … ruin everywhere
All alone …. With my false dreams
None keeps promises … I was blind
Fact was here …. I couldn’t open my eyes …
To see …. To look …. To count
How much I won …. How much I lost
I have one fact …. Life will go on …
And Intruders will pass by .. from time to time
Sometimes I will sense them …. Other times I won’t .

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Conversation Club

If u asked me what rage your temper tota I’ll say hahaa nothing , well but it could be a person cant get what I’m saying ,, cant keep up with my conversation ,always want to make everyone mistaken and absolve his point of view with strange excuses , someone cant be persuaded of what I’m saying , depending that I’m the person who is to the right side & he is the one to the wrong .

But who decide what is right and what is wrong , Me or perhaps u ,, our traditions , rules , believes and society , can u say that this is the absolute right and this is the absolute wrong , can u give a 100% about your opinion and prove that it’s the absolute right ever ?!!
Imagine you are talking with that person who is agreeing with everything you say

You are so right ….
I agree with everything you say ….
Absolutely right …..

It’s nice as it may sound … but now what ? there isn’t much of discussion not much of a conversation and not much of an exchange of view !!

For the other extreme

Yes ,but …
I totally disagree ….
All what you said was completely wrong …..
You are wrong there ….

This person who makes a point of disagreeing with everything that is said . this highly argumentative person seeks to demonstrate superiority through disagreement !!.
What’s up ? a discussion should be a genuine attempt to explore a subject rather than a battle between competing egos .

I’ve red in a book the term “Logic bubble” and I liked it , I will explain it.
When someone does something you don’t like or with which you don’t agree , it’s easy to label that person as stupid , ignorant or malevolent .
BUT that person maybe acting ‘logically’ within his or her ‘logic bubble’ that bubble is made up of the perceptions , values , needs and experience of that person .
But didn’t you think before calling that person as stupid to make a real effort to see inside that bubble to see where that person is ‘coming from’ , you usually see the logic of that person’s position .
So I agree with the said : “ the more you know , the less you need”

A beautiful mind

Well : ) ….. i wanna talk about something beautiful in here ;)
Hahahaaaa , yeaa when it comes the word beautiful , the first scene comes across our mind , a beautiful sight , face , shape ,,,, most of us has this view about beauty we always look at the surface and never care about the essence ,, it’s always this case .
did u try instead of watching the nature , to hear it ?! as listening to the sunset . insane right , but I do .

ohhhhhh yea … I can see her , this beautiful woman at a cocktail party she has an elegant clothes and a shiny face .
surprisingly , she seems to be much on her own . people come to her and quickly drift away .
then I looked around and I found that short , balding and mousy man . he is surrounded by people in animated conversation with him

I asked myself , what is going on ? , don’t we all seek beauty ?!!
Actually in my opinion … it’s easy to get a physical beauty , make your body beautiful , like going to gym , make your face beautiful , even with plastic surgery .
BUT … what about your mind ? do you make any effort at all to have a beautiful mind ? everyday I & you wake up in the morning thinking what will we wear for today , is my face that pretty this morning , or it looks as If I need to sleep for the rest of the week ! , but we never wake up and think what will I do for my mind today ?!!
Great beauty with a boring mind is boring , you can get attention but you will never keep that attention .
I believe that we are all born with a certain shape of face and body .
There is only a certain amount we can do to make them more beautiful , but there is very much more that we can do to make our mind more beautiful .
As we get older ; physical beauty tends to fade , but beauty of mind is independent of age and can actually increase with wisdom and experience .
Just as people can look at your physical beauty they can listen to the beauty of your mind ….

That’s true , I remember that man in that TV show yesterday , when they were asking him about his bride in their wedding ceremony .
I realty appreciated what he said … it touched me , it made me see his bride very very beautiful although I wasn’t seeing her so , in the couple minutes before his said , with her long nose , small eyes and long face with tip chin .
He said a man could spend all his life looking for a woman like her , and it’s rarely to find and may not , but I was lucky to find her only after 30 years of my age … lucky me !
I’m sure at this moment he was describing her beautiful mind and Serenity's Amenities soul , he had a couple her beauty never fade with time , they will age with each others , and everyday they will look to see that they are more beautiful than yesterday !

Saturday, May 21, 2005

White Bird

White Bird

White bird .. in a golden cage .. on a winter’s day
In the rain .. white bird .. in a golden cage
All alone .. the leaves blow .. across a long black road ..
To its darkened sky .. in its rage .. but the white bird
Just sits in her cage .. all alone ..
White bird must fly .. or she will die .. white bird
Dreams of aspen trees .. with their dying leaves
Turning gold .. but the white bird .. just sits in her cage
Growing old .. white bird must fly .. or she will die
The sunset comes .. the sunset goes ..
The clouds roll by but the earth turns slow ..
And a young bird’s eyes do always glow ..
She must fly .. white bird .. dreams of aspen trees
With their dying leaves .. turning gold .. but the white bird ..
Just sits in her cage .. growing old .. white bird must fly
Or she will die … white bird must fly …

Friday, May 20, 2005

My Word

When you put your thoughts on paper, you allow others to know you and judge you - you reveal the inner person. You open your book for everyone to read and dive inside you, to know what kind of person you are .. your way of thinking .. feelings .. your beliefs and rules in this life.
You may, without noticing, reveal a point of weakness or a point of strength.
As you open the door & allow people to come in and watch your show, it’s your own decision to remove the shades & to be prepared to know others’ opinions.

So ….. you are no longer living your life in a bubble!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Seeds Of Wisdom

Claim Victory

If you ever find yourself defending a position,
explaining why, or justifying anything, it means
you have been defeated. It means you have not
been able to accept the others point of view
, or the fact that you may be wrong.
Fear has conquered your mind and your heart.
Your defences are up and you are running scared
It's not that the other person has conquered you
,it's the self-created fear that is in
Until you can accept the other (you don't have
to agree) and you are not threatened by the other,
your victories will be delayed.
It's a funny old world when true winning is
Accepting not resisting, when victory is found
in the wisdom to stop fighting and to begin
Extracted From The Internet